General Construction and Remediation Services



Every segment of our market demands certain types of requirements. In fully understanding what these requirements are, Phil-Am Enterprises’ approach has maintained its level of proficiency in satisfying customer’s needs. It is in this way that we will be able to save as much time as possible for both our customers and our company which could translate to significant savings.

Every market group of potential customers is important to us. This is because when we are in the business of environmental quality, there is no room for mistakes and oversights.

While the presence of asbestos presents an opportunity for our business, it allows Phil-Am Enterprises, Inc. to perform all possible ways and means to keep our environment as safe as possible.

Our key fulfillment and delivery satisfaction levels have been provided by the principals of the business. Our core values of providing competence in the workplace, problem-free and timely service strengthened by hard work has made for us many satisfied customers. We will always stand on the side of safety at all cost.